Our Foundation: Port Tampa Bay Has
Ample Capacity for Handling Bulk Cargo
The type of cargo that has long formed the foundation for Tampa being the No. 1 cargo port in the Sunshine State.
In 2014, Port Tampa Bay completed a refurbishment of the Richard E. Knight (REK) petroleum terminal complex. This provides the key link for meeting the needs of Central Florida consumers plus the aviation fuel demands of the Orlando International Airport. The redevelopment of the REK petroleum terminal has modernized and improved the efficiency, navigation and safety of operations.

Petroleum and related products continue to represent the largest volume commodity sector at Port Tampa Bay, with over 17 million tons of oil, gas and jet fuel moving through the port in a typical year.


Port Tampa Bay's diverse cargo mix is one of the key advantages of Florida's largest cargo port.

Shippers, freight forwarders, 3PL's and manufacturers alike are all looking for new, faster, cheaper and better alternatives to deliver their products to their market. With our expanded infrastructure and intermodal capabilities they're now looking at Port Tampa Bay.

Port Tampa Bay is the largest and most diverse port in Florida, serving the 10th largest economy (Tampa Bay/Orlando I-4 corridor) which is now the 3rd largest state in the U.S. We handle a wide variety of break bulk cargoes including steel, forest products, bagged cement and fertilizers, not to mention our expanding container, Ro-Ro and bulk business. 

With an abundance of land and intermodal infrastructure improvements, Port Tampa Bay has steadily increased its capacity and created innovative ways to bring break bulk and other products to market.


In addition to nearly 500,000 square feet of warehouse and transit shed capacity, our general cargo docks feature more than 6,000 feet of linear berth and close proximity to the port's container terminal with 5 Gantry cranes and a Gottwald mobile harbor crane.

Port Tampa Bay's newly expanded capabilities include a dedicated ramp to the interstate highway system. Coming soon, a new terminal under construction will add approximately 20 acres of laydown activity and 1,000 feet of linear berth.

Bulk Cargo Facilities

1 Trademark Metals Rcycling 3310 Port Sutton Road 813-247-4151 Scrap Metal
2 Pasco Terminals 3411 Port Sutton Road 813-248-4344 Molten Sulphur
3,4 Cemex 3717 Port Sutton Road 813-248-3129 Cement
21 Pura-Globe 4420 Pendola Point Road 972-590-9930 Recycled oil
22 Yara North America 4609 Hwy 41 South 813-248-6150 Liquid Calcium Nitrate
22 Gulf Sulphur 4388 Pendola Point Road 813-248-2074 Molten Sulphur
24, 24B Martin Gas Sales 4118 Pendola Point Road 813-247-5063 Molten Sulphur, bunker, asphalt
24 LeHigh Portland Cement 4020 Pendola Point Road 610-366-4738 Cement
26 Gaetano Cacciatore, Inc. 3920 Pendola Point Road 813-386-2290 ext.30 White cement, aggregate
27, 30 Plains LPG Services 3606 Pendola Point Road 813-241-0550 Propane
30, 31 Vulcan Materials 3510 Pendola Point Road 813-247-7625 Limestone, coal, aggregate

Berth Operator Location Phone Commodity
204 Mosaic 2520 Guy N. Verger Blvd. 813-247-5331 Phosphate
205 Tampa Juice Service 2202 Barker Road 813-248-5190 Import and export frozen juice concentrate
Berth Operator Location Phone Commodity
220 Martin Marietta Aggregates 4100 Maritime Blvd 813-248-1070 Cement building construction material and aggregate
220 SATCO, Inc. 4041 Maritime Blvd 813-247-1005 Industrial Chemicals
222, 223, 227 Central Florida Pipeline LLC 2101 GATX Dr 813-241-1106 Petroleum products
  Transmontaigne 1523 Port Ave 813-248-5041 Petroleum products
  Murphy Oil Co. 1306 Ingram Ave 813-248-3158 Petroleum products
  Amalie Oil. Co. 1601 McCloskey Blvd 813-248-1988 Petroleum products
  Mosiac 2520 Guy N. Verger Blvd 813-247-5331 Anhydrous ammonia
  Buckeye Terminals 848 McClosky Blvd. 813-248-3191 Petroleum products
256 Cargill - Grain Division 200 N. 19th St 813-247-3602 Outbound agricultural commodities and inbound grain
300, 301 Gulf Coast Bulk Equipment  Port Redwing 941-417-7953 Dry bulk
  Tampa Tank/FSS Port Redwing 813-241-4261 Steel Products