The Port's Capital Improvement Program

Port Tampa Bay Engineering Department's primary function is to manage the Port's Capital Improvement Program.

Other duties include:

The Department administers and oversees the design work of architectural and engineering consultants and the construction work of building and marine contractors working for the Port.

The Engineering Department's surveyors performs land and water surveys for the Port and are a reliable source of information to outside consultants, surveyors, and property owners who need information on benchmarks, section lines, and property lines in and around the Port Tampa Bay. The Department provides technical engineering support to the other departments of the Port and performs in-house design for many port facilities. The Department manages dredging projects for the Port and coordinates with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on dredging federal channels and use of the Port's two spoil islands

Businesses, tenants, and utility companies that wish to construct modifications or improvements on Port property or install utilities within Port roadways must submit for a permit from the Engineering Department.

For more information concerning tenant Site Improvements Applications contact:

Patricia Villanti 
Engineering Assistant
Phone: 813-905-5008

Site Improvements Permit Application Forms

Please attach all files to downloaded application before submitting.