The Security Department oversees the Access Control Center, which issues and renews Port Business Purpose cards. The Port’s Security and Operations departments are co-located in the Port Tampa Bay Security Operations Building (SOC) located at 2002 Maritime Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33605.

Effective May 25, 2011, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill (HB283) that streamlines certain port security regulations at Florida’s deep water seaports. Governor Scott’s bill immediately put an end to certain Florida seaport requirements that were considered to be unnecessary, costly and duplicative—namely the requirement of two individual port access badges that each required separate background checks and administrative processes.

The Port Business Purpose card is issued to individuals employed or that have business purposes on port property. To obtain the Port Business Purpose card, please fill out the application form required to obtain or renew your badge (please see the application and restrictions for the card below).

Initial issue - $20.00
Annual renewal - $20.00
Lost or stolen card replacement - $20.00

Visitor Passes

To receive a visitor’s pass (24 hour pass) the company that is expecting the visitor needs to send the visitors name to the SOC. The visitor will need to show a government or state issued photo ID. (DL, Passport, Alien Card) Merchant Marine ID along with a crew list.

Security officers also provide a major role in protecting and patrolling the Port and oversee access control functions at all TPA gates.

The Security Department can be reached during non-business hours through the Operations Desk.

  • Access Control hours are: Monday - Friday 7:30 am thru 3:00 pm.
  • Operations Desk (24 hrs): (813) 241-1886
  • Operations Supervisor: (813) 241-1803
  • Security Shift Supervisor(24 hrs): (813) 334-9467
  • Access Control: (813) 241-1898
  • FAX: (813) 241-1811
  • Access Control Supervisor: (813) 241-1899