When you think of Port Tampa Bay, images of the big cruise ships in the channel may come to mind.  Or, maybe you think of the phosphate barges.  However, there is another side to the Port less commonly known, a side that involves careful stewardship of the environment.

The Port plays an integral role in the restoration, improvement and protection of the environmental health of Tampa Bay.  As a part of that role, the Port has proven that industrial development need not be at the expense of the environment, and in many cases, can actually enhance it.  Our award-winning mitigation site is a perfect example.  It is a 276 acre wetland community of high and low salt marshes, mangrove swamp, tidal channels and salt flats.  The mitigation site, on Pendola Point, has been established as a natural preserve to offset the impact of filling in 60 acres at the Hooker's Point berthing facility.  The Port constantly strives to ensure that our large-scale and diversified enterprise operates safely and responsibly within Florida's fragile coastal ecosystem. 

For questions or more information, please call Port Tampa Bay toll free at 800-741-2297 or locally at 813-905-7678 (PORT), or email us at [email protected]