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Port Tampa Bay is hosting a quarterly educational Harbor Tour to the community, free of charge. The waterside tour, provided in partnership with the Yacht Starship, is a complementary boat excursion to learn more about Port Tampa Bay. The Yacht Starship is a 180-feet, exquisite yacht with 3 decks, and four separate indoor and air conditioned rooms. Guests will learn about the regions's largest economic engine, Port Tampa Bay, while enjoying the Yacht Starship's expansive promenade deck for sightseeing and great views of the Port. 

Each quarter we welcome our maritime partners such as the Propeller Club - Port of Tampa, Tampa Bay Maritime Scholarship Foundations, the Seafarer's Center, the U.S. Coast Guard and others in sharing the information about the reach the port has on the region. Thank you to the Yacht Starship for their support in showcasing our waterways!

Port Tampa Bay is Florida's largest port, supporting nearly 85,000+ jobs and generating more than $17 billion in annual economic impact. In addition to being a top 10 U.S. cruise port, the port handles a wide array of bulk, break bulk, containers and roll-on/roll-off cargoes, and is a major shipbuilding and repair center. We look forward to showcasing this on your tour. Sign up below and reserve your spot today!

To learn more about the Yacht Starship, or to book private tours, visit https://www.yachtstartship.com.

Yacht Starship

Current Excursion:

Tuesday March 7, 2023: Welcome to Port Tampa Bay!
An overview of Port Tampa Bay and showcasing partnerships with The Propeller Club - Port of Tampa, The Maritime Scholarship Foundation, Seafer's center, U.S. Coast Guard and many more. 

Upcoming Excursions:

Q2 - Coming in July - Guests will learn about Port Tampa Bay's Environmental stewardship.  Tour date and reservation link coming soon.

Q3 - coming soon

Q4 - coming soon

Harbor Excursions

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Tuesday, March 7

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Quarter 1 Harbor Tour