I4 Connector

Interstate Access

Both the Tampa/Orlando I-4 and north/south I-75 corridors are directly accessible to Port Tampa Bay via a new, dedicated truck ramp. Completed in December 2013 and dedicated with a 5K Run Ceremony, the "I-4 Connector" project connects the Selmon Expressway with I-4 and for the first time, provides a direct link into Florida's largest and most diverse port for trucks transporting commodities for import and export.

That means cargo destined for one of the largest concentrations of distribution centers in the Southeast can be on its way and at a docking bay along any of the many I-4 Distribution Centers within 90 minutes from leaving our port.
This new convenient route now adds to the efficiency of Port Tampa Bay over more costly, traditionally-used inland trucking options to the I-4 Corridor from more distant points of entry.