Port Tampa Bay Procurement (PTB) Department is responsible for the purchasing of construction, improvement, repair, and/or building, goods, supplies materials and services, to be used for port purposes, as specified by F.S. Chapter 95-488, Laws of Florida ("Enabling Act").

As a public entity, PTB is constantly striving to ensure that the procurement of goods and services is efficient, cost effective and in compliance with PTB policies and applicable laws. In addition, it is important to PTB that such goods and services are solicited in such a manner that is fair and equitable to all potential providers.

PTB issues procurements through the Onvia/Demandstar e-procurement distribution system, which ensures registered bidders, vendors and suppliers receive automatic notification of all procurement documents, including addenda, letters of clarification and contract award notices. See Subscribe to Demandstar section below.

For questions regarding the procurement process, please contact:

Nancy L. Marino, AMPE
Procurement Director 

Amanda M. Roche, BA, FCCM

Procurement Analyst
Email:  [email protected]

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PTB advertises procurements in the local newspapers (Tampa Bay Times, LaGaceta and Florida Sentinel) as well as on the Onvia-DemandStar e-Procurement Database System (DemandStar). PTB uses DemandStar to manage bid activity for formal procurements. If you wish to download bid documents, you may do so by purchasing a subscription to DemandStar. For your convenience, a link to the DemandStar website is shown above.

The method of selecting a vendor/contractor/consultant for PTB goods and/or services is consistent with PTB’s purchasing policy which requires most contracts, goods and services greater than $15,000 to be handled through a formal competitive procurement process. The competitive procurement process (with few exceptions) takes place through the issuance of an Invitation to Bid (ITB), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ) depending on the type of goods or services that are being procured.

PTB maintains a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program. The program is race, ethnic and gender neutral. PTB has a written policy to enhance contracting opportunities for SBE businesses. The policy encourages the use of registered SBE businesses to the greatest extent possible on all projects. PTB has a nine percent (9%) SBE participation goal for every contract. The SBE program and eligibility requirements are available on the website under Procurement Information.

SBE Definition

An eligible Small Business Enterprise (SBE) for PTB transactions is one that is independently owned and operated and a) whose gross annual sales in goods/services/supplies averaged over the previous three (3) year period is three million dollars ($3,000,000) or less; and b) whose gross annual sales in construction services and materials averaged over the previous three (3) year period is five million dollars ($5,000.000) or less. A business entity must be in business at least six (6) months before an SBE application for that entity will be considered. Any qualified business entity within PTB’s seven county area will be considered for SBE status. The seven (7) county area includes: Hillsborough, Hernando, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Any small business with a certificate/registration as an SBE for the City of Tampa or Hillsborough County may be added to the Port's SBE list. This provision will become null and void if at any time either entity’s standards no longer match those of the Port.

Procurement Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I obtain bid documents?
    Port Tampa Bay (PTB) procurements are issued electronically via the DemandStar e-Procurement distribution system. To set up an account, information can be found at, via email to [email protected] or by calling (206) 940-0305. Obtaining procurements through DemandStar ensures that bidders have the capabilities of receiving procurement documents electronically and are automatically notified of any related addenda or clarifications. Return to Top
  • How do I register with DemandStar, the e-Procurement distribution system Port Tampa Bay (PTB) uses?

    To register with DemandStar, please use the following link

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  • How do I get my company on the bidder's list?
    PTB does not maintain a "bidder/vendor" list. PTB uses DemandStar to notify bidders of bid opportunities. PTB also maintains a "List of Future Proposed Projects" under the PTB Procurement tab. Return to Top
  • PTB has a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Policy. How does that work and how do I find registered SBE Firms?

    The SBE policy and current SBE Reports are located under the PTB Procurement tab.     Please note that PTB also accepts SBE firms registered with the City of Tampa or Hillsborough County.

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