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Tampa now homeports fives vessels from three cruise lines: Offering the variety of 4, 5, 7, and 14-day cruise itineraries. In 2020, Port Tampa Bay will homeport eight vessels from six cruise lines (read more)

Royal Caribbean

In Tampa, The Port Of Departure Is A Destination In Itself

Tampa has become a favorite port of departure for a growing number of cruise passengers who want to enhance the cruise experience with a day or two at either the front end or on the back end of any of a variety of Caribbean itineraries.

In close proximity to the top-rated airport in the United States, cruise passengers can take a little more time sightseeing, shopping and taking in the cultural faire of the city of Tampa. World-class shopping, a unique assortment of museums and top zoos, Busch Gardens, and the allure of Ybor City (the historic Latin Quarter pronounced “EE-BOR”), are just a few of the colorful characteristics that make Tampa one of the premier cruise port destinations in the South. Well-appointed luxury hotels and upscale dining are also very close by. And of course who can think of sunny Florida without also considering the world’s best beaches or Orlando’s world-famous parks? Tampa is approximately one hour from the ‘fun’ capital of the world.

Together with the city, Port Tampa Bay continues to develop Channelside, a lively complex offering an enticing combination of dining and shopping, literally steps from the Port’s modern cruise terminals. Channelside’s outdoor plaza is often a venue for live music and provides a perfect setting for socializing and enjoying clear, balmy nights. Adjacent to Channelside, a stop at the Florida Aquarium is essential to those who crave the fascination of the underwater world.

Tampa now homeports five vessels from four cruise lines: Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line, offering the variety of 4, 5, 7, and 14-day cruise itineraries. 

Port Tampa Bay’s cruise terminals deliver passengers the type of service that meets and exceeds expectations. State-of-the-art in design, the terminals incorporate the far-reaching and diverse needs of all security agencies, while providing a comfortable, expedient cruise experience to customers.

Other characteristics of the Port’s cruise terminals include customer-friendly information areas, superior security, full passenger amenities and on-terminal parking. Close proximity to the interstate highway system adds to the overall convenience of cruising from Tampa.

For the complete cruise vacation, give Tampa a try and see what the area has for you!