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A message from Port Tampa Bay to our customers, tenants and community

UPDATED: May 29, 2020


Port Tampa Bay celebrates the career of John Thorington

Port Tampa Bay recognizes the storied career of John Thorington, who retired today. Mr. Thorington served the port and the entire maritime community for more than 39 years and most recently held the position of Vice President of Government Affairs and Board Coordination. No employee worked at the Port longer! Today, current and former staff and commissioners of Port Tampa Bay took part in a retirement celebration parade in honor of John. Mr. Thorington’s family stood by his side during today’s celebration. Watch highlights of Mr. Thorington’s career with Port Tampa Bay here: https://vimeo.com/424016737/7af007eedc


Here is a recap of Mr. Thorington’s lengthy and decorated career with Port Tampa Bay:

John Thorington has been with the port since 1981, serving in a variety of roles. He was appointed Senior Director of Government Relations at Port Tampa Bay in June 1999, and in 2013 his title was changed to Vice President of Government Affairs and Board Coordination. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Thorington was Director of Marketing Services.

Mr. Thorington directed Port Tampa Bay’s legislative agenda at the local, state, and federal levels. He also oversees a number of Port Tampa Bay’s community outreach initiatives, and he handles various Board coordination issues.

Mr. Thorington served on the boards of the Tampa Bay International Trade Council, the Port of Tampa Propeller Club, the Tampa Foreign Trade Zone Board, Visit Tampa Bay (formerly Tampa Bay and Company) and is a member of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Policy Council. He is a part of the founding team that started the Tampa Steel Conference 31 years ago and is a founding board member of the Tampa Bay Maritime Scholarship Foundation.

He has earned nearly every award possible within the maritime community and is a dedicated husband and father.


Port Tampa Bay’s Annual Hurricane Exercise was a success

Port Tampa Bay hosted the 8th annual Hurricane Preparedness Tabletop Exercise on Wednesday, May 27. The port began focusing on resiliency and storm-readiness in 2012, at the direction of President and CEO Paul Anderson. Mr. Anderson remains committed to building on staff’s knowledge and the maritime community’s preparedness efforts through continual training. Port Tampa Bay and our maritime community plays a significant role in hurricane recovery efforts statewide. Nearly half of fuel used in Florida flows through Port Tampa Bay. Through the efforts of the port, under the direction of Mr. Anderson, the event has continued to grow through the years and has set a record for participation in 2020.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the port hosted the exercise virtually for the first time. More than 160 participants from a variety of maritime and public safety organizations took part. Port Tampa Bay would like to thank the National Weather Service for co-hosting the event and creating a mock-storm scenario for the exercise. Additionally, thanks are owed to the City of Tampa’s Emergency Operations Center, Tampa Fire Rescue, U.S. Coast Guard, the Port Heavy Weather Advisory Group, Ports America, and Port Tampa Bay’s security and operations staff for serving as panelists.

You can watch the entire Hurricane Exercise here: 


You can watch a News Channel 8 story about the exercise here: Port Tampa Bay hosts hurricane preparedness exercise


Spotlight on a port partner: HCP Associates, Inc.

 HCP Associates is a proud partner of Port Tampa Bay and has been a tenant for over a decade. With a rich 34-year history, the firm provides three core services: research, strategy and marketing. These core cannons provide diverse and robust growth-driven strategies for local, regional and national clientele. Additionally, HCP provides strategic communications and marketing support to Port Tampa Bay.

During turbulent times, budgets (particularly marketing) are extremely delicate and scrutinized heavily. HCP has been on call 24/7 for all its clients to continue the hourly push on enhanced digital marketing tactics that distinguish its marketing program above competitors. Additionally, we collectively focus on how each tactic pulls its weight, contributes to revenue, and help every cent aide their bottom line and return on investment.

HCP Associates’ Managing Partner Eric Polins said, “We have been extremely busy working with all our clients to quickly transition marketing from more traditional mediums like tradeshows and print-based advertising to more “at-home” customer-centric digital tactics. We have heavily increased proactive public relations, crisis communication strategies, short-form video, enhanced social media content, paid digital campaigns, research sentiment surveys (online, text and telephonic) and a variety of other digital experiences that really engage clients and prospects with a unique mix to ensure rapid and demonstrable success.”

Analytics is a huge part of marketing in these digital days, both online and off. Being a certified Google Partner with trained research and digital analysts on staff, HCP has also seen an organic merge between its accredited PR Manager and social media specialist. Creating unique content with their combined expertise has set its clients apart from the competitors during this confusing time. Creativity is good, but as a research-based marketing consulting firm, HCP stays true to fact-based decisions for its clients. At the end of the day, facts and figures will always win.

With architecturally independent technology platforms like MS Teams and video meeting apps like Zoom, HCP has seen a huge increase in communication and productivity. From digital magazines to informative webinars, it continues to enhance its clients’ customers’ digital journey during these fast-changing times. HCP continues to think out-of-the-box with innovative customer and prospect experiences.

For more information visit: http://blog.hcpassociates.com/top-10-ways-we-are-helping-our-clients-with-covid-19/


Cargo Update:

Port Tampa Bay has been deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security. This means our port continues to operate. Within the past week, the following moved through our port:

  • Consumer goods arrived on container ships
  • We continued to bring in fuel
  • Other dry bulk and break bulk products including sulfur, cement, aggregates, phosphate fertilizer, and steel.