Port Tampa Bay remains open for business.


A message from Port Tampa Bay to our customers, tenants and community.

UPDATED: April 3, 2020

Port Tampa Bay, along with our tenants, customers and partners, continue to prioritize the safety of our port community. Our cargo terminals remain open as we continue safe and efficient operations including -  containerized, bulk, general, and refrigerated cargo. Vessels continue to make regularly scheduled visits to our port and it is an honor to work alongside terminal operators, stevedores, crew, harbor pilots, truckers, rail operators and others to move goods through for our community. Together we fulfill critical infrastructure needs and support our economy during this uncertain time.

Port Tampa Bay and many of our partners were deemed essential businesses by the Department of Homeland Security. This distinction means that during Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Safer At Home Order, Port Tampa Bay will remain open to support the continued flow of goods and fuel through our port. The port’s diverse lines of business continue to have a multibillion-dollar impact on the economy and support thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

The port works alongside our partners to ensure safe, efficient operations that protect staff and serve our community. Hear what our partners have to say:

  • “I have served as part of Port Tampa Bay’s Board of Commissioners since 2008 and have worked in the maritime industry for several decades, and have never experienced something with such far-reaching implications as COVID-19. I am so encouraged by how the entire port community has come together to take care of our staff and neighbors. We all realize the important infrastructure and supply chain support we provide. We take our mission to safely serve our community seriously,” Chairman Steve Swindal, Port Tampa Bay Board of Commissioners.

  • “Online Transport has been keeping the safety of staff and the community at the forefront. We allow staff to work from home, when possible, and limit the number of employees in our office. Technology has made it possible to assist truck drivers to travel in and out of the port quickly, so we can keep moving products from the port through the supply chain so they can reach consumers during this critical time,” explains Art Perry, Executive Manager of Online Transport International.

  • “AMALIE Oil typically operates 24/7 to serve the needs of our global clients. We have made adjustments so that staff can be home with their children or work remotely, when possible. Staff working at our various locations, including at Port Tampa Bay, practice social distancing and good hygiene and are given gloves and hand sanitizer. Our continued operations help support domestic, and global businesses, as well as the military. Our thoughts are with our community and world as we all navigate the unknown,” Richard Barkett, Chief Operating Officer, AMALIE Oil Co.

Here’s how Port Tampa Bay has adapted during COVID-19:

  • Administrative staff now work from home, when possible. Our dedicated staff remains available to serve our community! We are just a phone call or email away.
  • Port Tampa Bay’s essential staff follows the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for social distancing. Additionally, port staff does not gather in groups of 10 or more.
  • We have encouraged frequent hand-washing and good hygiene (like covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing) of our staff and provided hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other protective gear.
  • Our dedicated team has been deep-cleaning our facilities, paying extra attention to high touch areas like doorknobs, handles, and rails.
  • In addition to our robust cleaning and sanitization efforts, we’ve begun using an in-depth and cutting-edge antimicrobial product, called mPact. This new process complements our efforts and protects against COVID-19 for up to 30 days.

Although cruise operations are currently suspended, the Port continues to serve the industry and has secured lay berths for our cruise partners, as well as off-shore anchorage.  

We continue to minimize risks and maximize continued services that keep our communities running and our citizens safe and healthy. Port Tampa Bay wishes for the continued health and safety to our entire community, state, and world. As previously mentioned, our staff remains available and ready to assist you during this time. Stay well!

Update 3/27/20: Port Pres & CEO's message to the Community

Update 3/27/20: Port President & CEO's message to the Community