Dollar Impact

The economic impact study was researched and completed by the firm Martin Associates, and it builds upon Port Tampa Bay’s current status as the largest economic engine in the region. In addition to the 85,000 direct, induced, indirect and related jobs, the study shows total port-related wages and salaries and local consumption were calculated at $5.1 billion, while the mean salary for port-dependent jobs came in at $55,000, which is higher than the average for jobs within Hillsborough County.  Between 2012 and 2015, cargo activity at the Port’s public and private marine terminals increased by 3.4 million tons. The overall growth in this tonnage was driven primarily by limestone and phosphatic fertilizers, petroleum products, containerized and break bulk steel products. To see the full report, click below.

Sustainable Jobs:

Based on a comprehensive economic impact study of 2015 numbers, Port Tampa Bay supports more than 85,000 direct, indirect, induced and related jobs annually throughout the west centreal florida region.

There are many types of jobs in the maritime community to suit every interest.  Those requiring skills of all levels.  Virtually any job that can be had in the mainstream job market has a counterpart with a maritime emphasis.  Consider these jobs:

welders, pipe fitters, painters, metal fabricators, machinists

maritime attorneys, certified public accountants, doctors, culinary professionals

logistics professionals, ship agents, schedulers, sales professionals, 

captains, engineers, designers, architects, surveyors, 

longshoremen, fork lift operators, crane operators, 

captains, pilots, truckdrivers, technicians, IT personnel, security systems operators,