Welcome to the new Port Tampa Bay

Port CEO Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson, President and CEO

Port Tampa Bay is a family of some of the finest, most dedicated maritime men and women you’ll ever find.

It is a maritime and cargo related family that is rapidly expanding to accommodate explosive growth throughout the region and continue our position as the largest and most diverse seaport in Florida.

Why do I say family? Because that is the feeling that one experiences here. Because when I look out over the entire Port Tampa Bay complex, I see optimism all throughout a group of people and companies with a common objective to make this the very best maritime complex that it can be.

Our port and our maritime family is engaged in new connectivity. New infrastructure. Creating new jobs. New expansion. New real estate and attracting new cargos. In short, new opportunities.

All of this opportunity abounds and we are engaged in the planning, development, implementation and service of this growth. I couldn’t be prouder to be at the helm.

I continue to be surrounded by an exceptional staff with deep knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines. I continue to rely upon – and be rewarded with the wisdom and vision of a world-class leadership team of commissioners.

Port Tampa Bay itself continues to be rewarded by a supportive legislature and a new, proactive Governor in Ron DeSantis, who recognizes the importance of port infrastructure and actively leads our state in the promotion of our state’s trade capabilities.

For all of this I am grateful, and yet, I know we still have a lot of work to do. I am pleased to convey that our port’s plans for expansion and servicing the phenomenal growth in Central Florida are on track, and coming into focus.

Already, Port Tampa Bay and its customers are reaping the rewards of efficiency and volume increases due to projects in their first couple of years of completion: namely, the Gateway Rail project (the first in Florida to provide on dock unit train capability) and the REK pier expansion.

We will continue with these generational projects as well as continued improvements to our infrastructure and connectivity, such as the new post Panamax cranes, significantly enhancing our ability to work larger ships and serve our customers in Central Florida and beyond.

So too, our expanded real estate offerings are beginning to bear fruit in new terminal developments at Port Redwing with new tenants, even as our service offerings in bulk, container and general cargo expand at Hooker’s Point.

Port Tampa Bay’s cruise lines continue to provide a favorite homeport for oceangoing vacationers while simultaneously, we enjoy the status as a favorite port of call for other vessels. On the community engagement and partnership front, Port Tampa Bay enjoys strong bonds and collaborative efforts with key economic development stakeholders such as the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation as well as partner agencies like the Tampa International Airport. These are vital relationships as we continue to anchor the region’s economy with more than 15 billion in economic impact and affecting more than 80,000 jobs.

We look forward to this critical infrastructure boosting Port Tampa Bay’s presence on the international trade and logistics world stage as shippers continue to feed the demands of explosive growth throughout Florida, now the 3rd largest state in the country.

I thank you again for your continued interest and hope you will discover how we can play an integral role in the advancement of your business goals. If you are reading this and are already a member of our maritime or customer family, I thank you for the incredible work you do and the trust you place in us.

Paul Anderson
President and CEO
Port Tampa Bay
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/apaulanderson