Port Tampa Bay’s Torrey Chambliss Named Vice Chair of the Florida Trade & Logistics Institute

- Port Tampa Bay’s Torrey Chambliss, Manager of Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) and Cargo Business Development, and Administrator for the Tampa Bay FTZ Project, was named Vice Chair of the Florida Trade & Logistics Institute (TLI) of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“The international exchange of commodities is a vital part of the Florida economy and creating a logistical environment that helps Florida-based companies optimize their supply chains in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace is extremely critical for the state of Florida,” said Chambliss. “As Vice Chair of the TLI, I look forward to contributing to this initiative.”

The Florida Chamber established the TLI to implement recommendations from the Florida Trade & Logistics Study 2.0, released in 2013. The TLI also releases a “Florida Trade & Logistics Report Card” that monitors progress towards the goal of maintaining the state’s position as one of the nation’s leaders for global trade and investment.

“The joining of two individuals from two of Florida’s key air and maritime transportation entities will be beneficial as we look to improve Florida’s position and competiveness in the trade and logistics arena,” said Miami International Airport’s Manager of Aviation Trade & Logistics and TLI Chair Emir Peneda.

Mr. Chambliss also serves of Board of Directors for the National Association of Foreign Trade Zone and is a Licensed Customs Broker.