Nominating Committee Seeks Applicants for Tampa Port Authority, Port Tampa Bay - Board of Commissioners Seat No. 4

- Nominating Committee Seeks Applicants for Tampa Port Authority, Port Tampa Bay - Board of Commissioners Seat No. 4

The Tampa Port Authority Nominating Committee (the "Committee") announces that it seeks applicants for a Tampa Port Authority, d/b/a Port Tampa Bay (“PTB”) Commissioner (PTB “Commissioner”) opening due to the pending expiration of the term of Stephen W. Swindal to Seat No. 4, who after graciously serving three terms, does not seek reappointment. The seat is one of the two appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida from a list of persons who have maritime industry backgrounds nominated by the Committee.

The position of the PTB Commissioner is a non-paying position. PTB Commissioners set policy for and oversee PTB, the organization that is responsible for the Hillsborough County Port District, which leases Authority owned facilities at the Port of Tampa. Other responsibilities include the setting and collection of port tariffs and the marketing of the Port. This position will also take part in managing capital improvements to, and the maintenance of, Port owned facilities, along with approving the Port annual budget. Duties include preparation for and attendance at regular meetings, and interaction with the public, PTB personnel and others in order to advance the interests of the Port of Tampa and its businesses.

Applicants must reside in Hillsborough County, must be qualified electors of Hillsborough County (i.e. registered to vote in Hillsborough County), and have a maritime industry background, defined in section 3, chapter 2005-332, Florida Statutes, as a "person [that] by training or experience is or has been engaged in, for a significant portion of his or her career, a business involving maritime commerce, port management, terminal management, ship agency business, ship building, ship management, ship operations, ship repair, admiralty law, international trade law, importing or exporting waterborne cargo, or other maritime-related business that is similar to the aforementioned specialties." In addition to the qualifications listed in the statute, the experience brought by the applicant, as well as applicant's personal integrity, standing in the community, moral conduct, ethics, impartiality, and administrative ability, independence and temperament will be used to consider the applicant for nomination.

Applications for the PTB Commissioner position, which must be received no later than November 15, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., may be obtained at the following websites: (News Tab) and (Resources Tab). Applications may also be obtained by contacting Nancy Simms at 813.225.7227 or Lura Willhite of the PTMIA at 386.679.8402. Applications must be submitted electronically via email to [email protected] For further information on the submissions of applications, please contact Mark C. Valenti, who can be reached at 813.325.9604.

The Committee will begin considering applicants after the deadline for submitting applications. The Committee may request additional information from applicants and may conduct personal interviews of certain applicants. Pursuant to statute, the Committee will select a nominee or nominees, and submit its selection to the Governor. A list of all applicants nominated by the Committee will be submitted to the Governor on or before January 6, 2019. The Governor shall select the new PTB Commissioner from the list of nominees provided by the Committee.

Anyone seeking additional information about the position, application process, or the selection process, may contact Committee Chairman Mark C. Valenti at 813.325.9604 or Committee Vice Chairman Brady